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Our Nature-Connected Community is Growing!

On an almost daily basis, I have been thrilled to see news stories, blogs and research findings that showcase the connection between our health and well-being and our interactions with the natural world! It has also been exciting to see the diversity of people who are involved in exploring the nature connection - researchers, teachers, corporate leaders, therapists, and many in the media (it has been highlighted in O Magazine...yes, people - Oprah!).

This growing community of people who are spreading the news about the benefits of nature-connected practices is an encouraging phenomenon, and one that will help improve the lives of our larger communities. One of these amazing advocates is Dr. Cheryl Fisher. Cheryl is an Annapolis, MD based therapist, counselor, educator, researcher, author and speaker who has been presenting Nature-Informed therapy workshops to educators and counselors this fall all over the country.

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down for a chat with Cheryl about the practice of Forest Bathing and my experience as a nature and forest therapy guide. Take a listen to our conversation below!

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